Parts of the Embedded Mainboard


The embedded mainboard consists of different components, including RAM, ROM, USB port, keyboard, mouse, memory, USB, parallel port, CPU chipset, controller, CPU slot, and AGP slot.

Mainboard itself is basically a circuit board that connects all these parts of the computer, allowing them to communicate. In the past time embedded single-board-computer was famous, but now embedded mainboard take their place.

Here we are going to discuss all the important parts of the embedded mainboard. Suppose you are interested in this article. Important parts of the embedded mainboard are discussed here.

Important Parts of the Embedded Mainboard

MouseMouse is a part of the mainboard. It is connected through a PS/2 connector. It is an important part of the embedded mainboard. You found the most useful part of the embedded mainboard.

1. A Parallel Port

In the old time, a printer used a parallel port as a connector. It is another important part that was helpful in old times, but now this is quite old to use.

2. RAM Slot

As the name shows, this part of the embedded mainboard is used to connect the RAM with the computer system. RAM is the most useful memory for embedded systems. But the embedded mainboard has many slots for memory. It means that the embedded mainboard can accept the last number of inputs as memory. RAM, ROM, memory, and hard drives are all memory slots, including units.

3. A Chipset

For every system to work, there is a central system OP central processing unit which is also called the brain, as the brain controls the whole system. Here the brain is the chipset. The chipset is the main component of the embedded mainboard. The chipset has a north board and a south board. Both of these poles have their own specified works.

4. Memory

Memory is also an important part of the embedded main board. The main memory of a processor is RAM. But the processor contains multiple slots for memory. RAM, ROM, memory, and hard drives are all the memory storage devices in the embedded mainboard. Some of them store memory for a short time; others store it for a long time. But their timing in working makes them different from one another.

5. USB   

The USB connects different parts like a mouse, keyboard, camera, Printer, etc. USB is used to enter input into the system from an external source. It is also a memory or input-output-giving device. It will also help store the memory.

6. IDE Controller

IDE integrates drive electronics, also known as ATA. It was used to control the hard drive. No, it is not used to manage the hard drive now. It was helpful in the past times.


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