Is Dolby Projector Worth It?


There are many kinds of projectors, but not all of them can give the best quality images. One of the most recent innovations in projector technology is a Vankyo dolby projector. They are often considered better than the older generation of projectors. Let us take a look at the features of Dolby projectors, as well as where you can get them from.

Why Dolby Projectors Are Better?

Check out the reasons that make Dolby projectors a better choice as compared to older traditional models.

1. No Bleak Grays

If used for some hours at a stretch, or if traditional projectors become a bit old, they tend to show bleak greys in images. Some images often have bleak grey lines in them, which reduces image quality. However, Dolby projectors do not have this issue and they produce high quality images for a long time.

2. 2D And 3D Viewing

Dolby projectors can be used for 2D as well as 3D viewing. This means you can enjoy great quality movies or sports matches any time.

3. Vibrant, Realistic Color Palette

Dolby projectors offer greater image quality and realistic color palette. Everyone loves high-quality image projections so Dolby projectors are a better choice when compared to traditional ones.

Key Features To Look For

Here are the key features that you should look for in a projector before you are buying it for personal or business use.

1. Wi-Fi Compatibility

It is always a good idea to choose a projector that can connect wirelessly via WiFi and Bluetooth. In several cases, it is not possible to use a computer device to connect to the projector using a VGA or HDMI cable, and so wireless connectivity becomes a necessity.

2. Supports Various Devices

Though you may use only one device to connect to your projector, it is always a better idea to choose one that supports connections with different devices. Sometimes, your friends may need to project something, or you may need to use a different device for the projection.

3. High Brightness And Lumen Count

It is necessary to make sure that a projector has high brightness and lumen count before you buy it. Otherwise, the images will be very drab and you would not be able to enjoy the images or movies projected using it. Choosing a better projector with high brightness and lumen count will give you a better viewing experience.

4. Compact Size For Easy Keeping

You cannot have your projector taking up too much space on your ceiling. Otherwise, it will affect the aesthetic of your room. Choose a projector that is small, but is able to perform as per your expectations.

5. Portable And Ease Of Installation

Choose a projector that is portable and easy to install. Though you may not need to move it around much if you have a fixed workplace, it is always a good idea to have that functionality. Some projectors, which need a lot of work on installation may not be a good idea as you never know when you need to change its position or location.


If you are new to buying projectors for your home and business purpose, there is no better place to shop for them than Vankyo. They have a wide range of good quality and durable projectors that is able to offer great features at a competitive price. Check out the range at Vankyo, and you will surely find something that suits your needs!


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