Lombok Earthquake Characteristic and Announcement to The Citizens

Based on data from Lombok’s two biggest earthquakes in the past two weeks, it is suggested that this is the result of a 200 year cycle of Back-Arc Thrust Flores activities.

This earthquake series consists of the pre-main shock, main shock, and aftershocks. The earthquake series is driven by a thrust fault mechanism at back-arc system.




Using the aftershock data as per 8th August, the shock energy diffusion is expected to last for 3 to 4 weeks, slowly decreasing in intensity and frequency. This is subject to change when more data from aftershocks is available.

Therefore, it is suggested for people to be careful around buildings that could potentially collapse. Look for any cracks and damage to the building. Please do not stay inside any damaged buildings. Also if on high ground please be careful of other potential hazards such as landslides.

Please stay calm and do not trust rumours that come from unreliable sources.


Source : BMKG

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