Visi Jabon is a part of an internal and external greater community that share a vision for the future. We have formed our own internal stakeholders association, as well as actively participate in a greater community based association striving to achieve a sustainable tourism development area.


All Visi Jabon plot and property owners are part of our own stakeholder association and share an equal amount of privileges.

The association allows stakeholders to communicate their requests and or concerns directly with Visi Jabon management via a structured forum that insures that your collective necessities are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Stakeholders are able to share project plans so the project as a whole can create complementing investment strategies, cooperate with development schedules and requirements, and share economies of scale.


Over the last 8 years Visi Jabon has been working together with the Jabon and greater Selong Belanak area community. We have earned the trust of local leaders, have a firm understanding of their systems and culture, as well as how to address points of concern for both locals and investors in a positive way.

Visi Jabon is an active participant in CSR collaborative group of investors and local community members committed to preserving the area’s natural charm and pristine setting in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

We encourage all stakeholders to join the CSR program to insure we have a long lasting positive influence on the development and prosperity of our surrounding local community.


The Greater Selong Belanak (GSB) Tourism Development Association is a legally represented group of the area’s developers spear-headed by Visi Jabon and it’s close colleagues.

The association’s objective is to provide a unified legal voice to address various aspects such as local public infrastructure, public security, and sustainable tourism development practices directly with all levels of government on behalf of GSB developers.

Prime hillside properties with reliable access and infrastructure,
managed with key community services, collaboration with professional architects and builders.

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